Corporate + Team Building Events

A Corporate and/or Team Building Event at Spring Mountain is a terrific way to not only have some fun, but also provides a unique way for corporations to perform team building activities. A Zipline Canopy Tour not only serves as a way to get your team's mind off of work, but serves as a fun way to break the ice and get them communicating again. Now add in challenge activities and you're on your way to building a solid team that is less stressed out and trusts one another!

We inspire your people to work together effectively and efficiently through corporate team building exercises and activities.

Spring Mountain Adventures enhances developing those skills critical to a successful team effort:

• cooperation
• trust
• effective communication
• commitment
• leadership

Research has shown that it takes up to six times longer to function as an effective, productive team when you haven't had time to meet in-person and share a common experience. And as a result Spring Mountain Adventures Zipline Canopy Tour can serve as a way to enhance corporate team building and can be a big part of improving your organization's efficiency. 

Experience the challenge and excitement of flying through the trees on a zipline or challenging one of our many challenge bridges while hanging 20 plus feet in the air. Spring Mountain Adventures' many challenges are perfect for building teamwork and camaraderie. The natural challenges of the zipline canopy tour promote open communication, trust, and teamwork. Spring Mountain teambuilding provides a unique opportunity to get away from it all, allowing co-workers to unwind, release stress, and have fun together. Join us for fun team-building activities that will bring your group together with results that help you achieve enhanced team performance, contribute to business success and improve your organization's bottom line results!

Remember the best investment your company can make is an investment in helping your team at all levels to think and interact better with colleagues and customers. So CONTACT US or CALL 610-287-7900 and create your own customized Spring Mountain Adventure for fun and  team-building that goes above and beyond!

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